Mercurial Melancholy

A project by artist and illustrator Jessica McCottrell

About The Project

Mercural Melancholy is a project born from journal entries from a time when my mental illness (Bipolar II) was it's most severe. Each piece of art is inspired by a passage taken from my journal.

I am making this art mostly for myself, to try and come to terms and understand how far along I have come from that nightmarish time. Mental illness is surrounded by stigma; most of us know this. When we talk about mental illness, we tend to focus on the recovery side of things like how hopeful the future can be and how to find beauty in the world we occupy in the present. People only want to hear your story from the other side. The pain, confusion, and sadness that come with experiencing depression is often diminished because it’s seen as dwelling or complaining. I did this too. I told myself there was nothing to be learned from that time because I am better now. “Don’t dwell in the past.” The woman I was five years ago deserves more than to have her experiences invalided. I don’t just matter now because I am well; I mattered then too. So I will give a voice, as best I can, to someone who thought they were completely alone in their fight.

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